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Paula is seen here teaching Pet CPR/First Aid & Pet Care Training Classes  

What is the difference between a Pet Sitter and a Certified Pet Sitter?


It's always cute to see some kids on the corner who have opened up a lemonade stand.  However, we all know that buying from those kids is just charity - you don't go there to grocery shop for your family.  In the pet sitting business, if you're not dealing with a trained & certified pet sitter, you are really just hiring your pet sitter from that lemonade stand.

As you browse the many different options available for hiring someone to take care of your pets, you will notice that most untrained pet sitters credentials are just their love for pets and always having pets around.  This is the START for a career in pet sitting and it's what we look for in all of our pet sitters before we consider them for our company.  However, it's just the very beginning!!  Sadly, most pet sitters decided one day to be a pet sitter and started their business the next day.  They set their price a couple dollars lower than the competition and off they go.  Within a few years (or a few months), their inexperience catches up with them and they are burned out, broke and out of business because they didn't charge the proper price or have the proper training (kind of like that lemonade stand).  Love for animals and experience taking care of them are good reasons to consider a career in pet sitting - but they're not training to have that career.  

That's what makes Love Your Pets Too Pet Sitting different from the majority of pet sitters.  First of all, Paula Pectol, owner, is an INSTRUCTOR in Pet CPR, First Aid, Safety & Care, conducting classes on a regular basis - our sitters learn from the best.    Our prices & services are based on what is needed to operate a sustained business (since 2007) at a competitive price - we will be here for you when you need us 365 days a year.  We don't base any part of our business on what other untrained sitters are doing - we blaze the path that others follow (or should follow).  We know we aren't the lowest prices and we aren't trying to be.  Our current client list is filled with former clients of the low cost, untrained pet sitters - Quality is worth the price!  Even if you find that we are not the fit for you, please make sure to use a trained, certified, professional full time pet sitter. 

"Sure wish we had used an untrained amateur to watch over our pets and home while we were gone".....said no one EVER!!!

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