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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the free 30 minute “Meet & Greet”? 

This meeting can be virtual or one of us will stop by your home to meet you and your pets and answer any questions you have.  A virtual meeting is free or you can choose an in person meet & greet for $25.  Any additional meet & greets are charged the same price as a visit.  At this meeting is  a good time to give us lots of info about your pet and our online system will allow you to input this information - details on signing in and creating your account are included at the end of this email.  You can also give the care details to us in whatever form works best for you and we will enter it in the system. 

What if I want additional Meet & Greet sessions or visits to my home?

No problem.  We are happy to do this however, additional visits are charged as regular visits.  This also applies to key pickup/drop off, meeting additional pets you acquire or any other time you need a pet sitter to visit your home.

How does the pet sitter get in the house when they visit?

That’s up to you.  You can give us a key, hide a key, give us an alarm code, garage code – whatever works.  When we leave, we can leave the key or we will keep it for when you use us again.  When we label your key, we do NOT put your name or address on the label.  Just keep in mind that if you have us make an extra trip to come pick up the key or drop it off, that will be charged as a regular visit.  Just a reminder – if you have a key made, please make sure to test it out before giving it to us.  Also remember to give us your gate code if you live in a gated community.

Will it always be the same person visiting my pet?    

It will usually be the same person.  We try as much as possible to have the same person visit each pet but sometimes that isn’t possible.  However, we make sure your pet is comfortable with whoever comes out.  We also try to bring an extra sitter from time to time to meet your pet so if the time comes for a different sitter they won’t be strangers to your pet.

What payment options do you offer?

We gladly accept cash, check, online check(checkless) or debit/credit card.  There is a small fee for using online check and debit/credit card options.

What else should I know?

Whether we are in your home for a short visit or living there for a number of days, there are some rules that we follow that help ensure our safety and the safety of your pets:

We do NOT answer the door or phone.

We do NOT do any long walks when temperature is 90 degrees or more or in bad weather.

We limit our conversations and interactions with your neighbors as much as possible.  We don’t answer their questions or give them information about you or your whereabouts. When we walk your dogs, we try to avoid people and other dogs.

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